Top 20+ Red Light Areas in Patna | Patna Red Light Areas

Red Light Areas in Patna: When it comes to the nightlife in Patna, the city has a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. Among the various entertainment options, the red light areas play a significant role, catering to those seeking a lively experience. This article aims to explore the top 10 red light areas in Patna, highlighting the distinctive features of each area and providing essential information for visitors to make informed choices. Whether you are a local or a tourist, these areas offer a mix of excitement, cultural insights, and unforgettable memories.

Top 10 Red Light Areas in Patna:


Situated in the heart of Patna, Gulzarbagh is renowned for its buzzing nightlife. The area comes alive after dusk, with a plethora of restaurants, bars, and entertainment establishments lining the streets. Gulzarbagh caters to people from all walks of life, providing a blend of traditional and contemporary experiences. The vibrant atmosphere, colorful ambiance, and lively crowd make Gulzarbagh a must-visit for those exploring Patna’s nightlife.

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Kidwaipuri is another prominent red light area in Patna, offering a unique charm of its own. This area boasts an array of entertainment venues, including clubs and lounges, making it a favorite spot for partygoers. The vibrant nightlife, coupled with the safety measures taken by local authorities, ensures a memorable experience for visitors. Kidwaipuri is a place where modernity meets tradition, making it a delightful destination for revelers.


Rajapur is an area that resonates with history and culture, contributing to the city’s overall charm. Amidst the ancient architecture and bustling streets, visitors can find a variety of pubs and bars, providing a glimpse into the city’s modern lifestyle. Rajapur’s unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary entertainment makes it a fascinating stop for anyone interested in Patna’s diverse offerings.

Dak Bungalow:

Known for its lively nightlife and vibrant street scenes, Dak Bungalow is a popular red light area in Patna. This area boasts numerous nightclubs, dance bars, and eateries, attracting locals and tourists alike. The lively ambiance and variety of entertainment options make Dak Bungalow an energetic and engaging place to explore after sunset.


Lodipur, situated on the outskirts of Patna, is a hidden gem among the city’s red light areas. It offers a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a quieter experience. The area is dotted with charming cafes, providing an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the local flavors while still experiencing the essence of Patna’s nightlife.


Yarpur’s red light area offers a unique blend of modern and traditional attractions. From trendy nightclubs to cultural events, Yarpur caters to diverse interests. The area’s accessibility and lively ambiance make it a favorite destination for both locals and visitors looking to experience Patna’s rich culture and lively nightlife.


Anandpuri is a lively red light area that never sleeps. This area is brimming with energetic bars, live music venues, and exciting street food options. Anandpuri caters to a young and dynamic crowd, creating a vibrant and electrifying atmosphere for visitors seeking an unforgettable night out in Patna.

Rajendra Nagar:

Rajendra Nagar offers a more upscale experience among Patna’s red light areas. With upscale restaurants, elegant lounges, and upscale bars, this area attracts a more sophisticated crowd. Rajendra Nagar’s sophisticated ambiance and diverse entertainment options make it a sought-after destination for those seeking a more refined night out.

Ashok Rajpath:

Ashok Rajpath, a bustling area located near the riverfront, is a hotspot for nightlife enthusiasts. The area is teeming with various bars, clubs, and late-night eateries, ensuring a lively experience for everyone. Ashok Rajpath’s proximity to other attractions makes it an ideal starting point for a night of exploration in Patna.

Fraser Road:

Fraser Road is an iconic red light area in Patna, known for its lively streets and bustling nightlife. This area boasts numerous entertainment options, including pubs, discotheques, and theaters. The energetic ambiance and diverse offerings make Fraser Road a must-visit destination for an exciting night out in Patna.


Are the red light areas in Patna safe for visitors?

Yes, the red light areas in Patna have seen significant improvements in terms of safety measures and surveillance. However, like any other city, it is essential to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

Can tourists visit the red light areas?

Certainly, tourists can visit the red light areas in Patna. It is essential to respect the local customs and regulations while enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

Are there age restrictions for entry into certain entertainment venues?

Yes, some establishments may have age restrictions, especially those serving alcoholic beverages. Visitors should be prepared to show identification as proof of age.

What time do the red light areas come alive?

The red light areas in Patna typically become lively after sunset, with most entertainment venues staying open until the early hours of the morning.

How can I reach these red light areas in Patna?

Most of these areas are well-connected by public transport and easily accessible from various parts of the city. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also readily available.

Are there any cultural events or performances in these areas?

Yes, some red light areas in Patna may host cultural events or performances showcasing the local arts and traditions. Check with local guides or event listings for more information.


Patna’s top 10 red light areas offer a vibrant and diverse nightlife experience that caters to various interests. From energetic streets to sophisticated lounges, each area has its unique charm, contributing to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. By respecting local customs and exercising caution, visitors can explore Patna’s nightlife safely and create unforgettable memories in these exciting destinations.

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